ACE-III PPA Diagnostic Calculator

Foxe, D.*, Hu, A.*, Cheung, S.C., Ahmed, R.M., Cordato, N.J., Devenney, E., Hwang, Y.T., Halliday, G., Mueller, N., Leyton, C.E., Hodges, J.R., Burrell, J.R., Irish, M., Piguet, O. (2022) Utility of the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-III online calculator to differentiate the primary progressive aphasia variants. *These authors contributed equally to the work

This calculator is designed to assist with the differential diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia (PPA) based on the items of the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-III (ACE-III). For the differential diagnosis between logopenic variant PPA (lv-PPA) vs. non-fluent variant PPA (nfv-PPA), please use the lv-PPA vs. nfv-PPA calculator. For differential diagnosis between semantic variant PPA (sv-PPA) vs. other PPA variants, please use the sv-PPA vs. non sv-PPA calculator.

To use this calculator, enter the respondent's item score for each item administered. Note the score for Verbal Fluency is the calculated score of that item, not the number of words.