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Evaluation - Methods scores

Dataset Selection

Method Selection

Criteria selection

Benchmarking Selection

Benchmarking Table and Plot


Please submit two input files to upload your results, the files are result file and method files.

The format for result file is in csv with the following columns: method, sum_kde_zstat, parameter, dataset, criteria.

The format for method file is in csv with the following columns: method, est.multi.groups, sim.multi.groups, sim.custom.DE.

Once your files are uploaded successfully, you will be able to see the summary result in benchmarking tab

Input Files

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Please follow the link to cite this paper

Data and instructions

Download the set of curated data at link . Details about the data can be found in the package and can also be browsed under the shiny tab "More"

  • Run your own method
  • Evaluate the simulated data against the real data across the set of criteria we have curated at link.
  • Upload the result to the panel Submit your data.