This is a Shiny App for the R package 'dialects', which converts your SRL from one species to another. To convert your SRL, please follow the five steps below.

1: Select fasta file

Upload your fasta file downloaded from UniProt. The file format must be fasta for the app to work.

2: Digest fasta file

Click the 'Digest' button to perform an in silico trypsin digestion on the fasta file.

3: Select SRL

Select a PeakView/OneOmics formatted SRL. This app is not compatible with other SRL formats. Please see the R package at: https://github.com/madeleineotway/dialects for OpenSWATH formatted SRLs.

4: Convert SRL

Click the 'Convert species' button to convert the species between the digested fasta file and the SRL.

5: Save Converted SRL

Click the 'Download converted SRL' button to download your converted SRL.